POS Payment Processing with Xoko POS system

POS Payment processing with Xoko is fast, easy and convenient. Xoko POS system allows you to receive payments in multiple forms such as Cash, MPESA, Card, Credit, Cheque, Voucher, Loyalty. Moreover, Xoko POS Lets your customers pay for items in all these payment methods and has an integrated payment processing platform to enable recording of payments in any of these forms is fast and easy.

Accept all the modes your customers want to pay, in-store, Never turn away a customer because they are not carrying cash. In addition, Xoko integrates with leading payment providers for a fast checkout experience.


At check out, Xoko automatically pushes the sale total to the customer’s phone, (STK push), thereafter, the customer only needs to enter their MPESA pin on their phone to complete the transaction. Hence, removing the hassle of manual MPESA Till number entry by the customer, because this sometimes leads to erroneous transactions when the customer enters the wrong Till Number.

MPESA Integration – STK push

MPESA STK push is a feature built to simplify payments processing. This allows the merchant to enter a customer’s number and as a result, have a pop-up screen to enter their PIN details to complete a transaction. This is an alternative to the payment process where the customer would have to go to their MPESA, seek out the Lipa na MPESA option, manually type out the till number, enter the amount and their PIN to complete the transaction. This process has multiple steps with multiple opportunities for errors which necessitates the need for an STK push functionality. Furthermore, STK push – MPESA Integration in Xoko POS will increase your customer checkout speed and thus lead to better customer experience.


Similarly, Xoko automatically pushes the sale total to the card terminal and receives an approval or decline response back to close the sale.


Xoko POS enables you to sell items to your customers on credit. This, therefore, allows for the sustenance of your best customers. The business owner can, therefore, set a credit limit for these unique customers that are allowed to purchase items on credit.


Your customers can pay for items by cheque because Xoko allows you to record these payments too.


Your customers can pay for items at stores with store issued Vouchers. Furthermore, Xoko POS allows for your customers to make partial payments. As a result, making updates to vouchers until the voucher is used up completely.

Loyalty Points

Your Xoko POS enables you to reward customers with Loyalty Points. Moreover, set a loyalty redeeming rate so that your customers can pay for items with their accumulated Loyalty points. In conclusion, Payment Processing with Xoko POS allows you to accept payments in multiple formats. Get Xoko POS Today!