Cafe & Coffee Shops

Improve efficiency, reduce human errors, increase sales, save time, automate tasks and give your cafes and chain coffee shops the ease of managing operations with our POS system.


Xoko POS comes with a powerful recipe management functionality that enables you to run your bakery business with ease. Reduce Waste and theft of ingredients with Xoko Inventory management.

Wines & Spirits

Need a POS for your wines and spirits? Get Xoko and manage all your sales, inventory and customers in one place.Reduce theft of stock by employees, as this is one of the greatest causes of losses in wines & spirit retail outlets.

Bar & Restaurant

Manage your staff, sales and tables with Xoko POS. View sales reports by shift and manage inventory reorders. Great benefit that you will enjoy is easier management of your day-to-day transactions, handling your customers without any challenges.