POS Reporting & Analytics on Xoko

Receive realtime reports

POS Reporting & Analytics on Xoko gives you actionable insights for your business. Drill down into specific reports and learn more about specific aspects of the business, or zoom out and take an overview on the sales dashboard to get a higher-level understanding of the direction in which things are headed.

Get Sales Reports

Getting your Reports and analysis with Xoko is as easy as subscribing to email reports. Henceforth wherever you go, you can keep an eye on your business even while abroad.

Reorder levels

There’s nothing as disappointing to a customer as being informed that their favourite product is out of stock. To avoid this scenario, keeping a keen eye on stocks and making timely reorders is quite a laborious task. But with Xoko POS automate this task simply by setting a reorder level for each product and if you have added your supplier, you can automate this process too.

Monitor staff Reports

Reporting and analytics enable you to spot processes that need improvement, best-performing stores, and best-performing employees. They can also help you to identify potential points of waste and shrinkage so that you can adjust accordingly with policy and systems to ensure your business stays on track.

Additional benefits

Keeping a close eye on key performance indicators (KPIs), you’ll be able to determine trends and spot issues before they negatively impact your business. Reporting and analytics can shed illuminate on problematic areas and allow you to correct problems like excessive overtime hours, reduced profitableness, over-ordering, and non-performing inventory stocks. You’ll be able to additionally analyze information from your terminal POS or mobile POS system for indications of activity that result in loss and take steps to correct them.

POS Reporting and analytics technology additionally will permit you to check performance among stores or staff. With this data, you’ll be able to study what results in the best success of your business and use that data to assist underperforming outlets or sales staff improve.