Customer Management made easy

Add Customers

Customers are the fuel that drives your revenues, putting a name and an identity to these customers lets you learn from your customers but also personalize your business relationship with your customers. Xoko POS comes with a great customer management functionality that enables you to do just this.

Understand your Customers

Gathering data about your customers helps you understand them better and in turn, you can meet their shopping needs better, are they students, are they working mothers, are they housewives, are they middle-aged working-class men? The data from your customers enables you to identify personas whose needs you can address for profit, building a mutually beneficial relationship, and this is what defines brands that resonate with their customers.

Engage with your Customers

Xoko allows you to engage your customers for purposes of customer engagement and to drive traffic at your stores. Send out promotional discounts, markdowns, giveaways, and BOGOFs to your customers to grow your revenues and manage your customer relationships.

Reward Loyalty

Loyalty points have been made popular by the likes of Bonga points, enable your customers to accumulate loyalty points on every purchase based on your set redeemable rate and watch your customers become loyal visitors at your store. Re-engage slipping customers with special redeemable items or points and sustain your customer base

Customer management functionality in your POS is important because it is easier to retain existing and past customers than to get new customers. This is because they have already completed a buying journey with you in the past, therefore making the process of buying from you much faster as they have already vetted you in the past. Provided your service and product met their needs, getting them to purchase from you again is not difficult. Use your loyalty management program to manage this process, from incentives to offers, get customers back in your store with Xoko POS